How many times in a mums life can we be asked to join in an activity for fun and instead of saying yes, you answer no and opt to get some more housework done? Too many times to count! Today, when I finished my morning at work I knew I had to pick up some flower plants as I had promised Charlie we could plant flowers in the garden today. I figured I'd get home, eat lunch, plant flowers, do housework then evening routines. But when I got home something else happened instead…

Mila woke just after I arrived and Charlie had just finished lunch with his dad. A lot of balloons had been blown up this morning and the kids wanted to have a balloon dance party. So we did. It was awesome and they giggled and danced like little maniacs. Then I mentioned to Charlie that his flowers were in the garage. He wanted to plant them straight away. So out we went.

The kids helped me do some weeding as did their dad. They took breaks to sit on their camp chairs and watch the clouds moving. When I heard Mila say "What a lovely day" I decided that today would be more about saying Yes to the kids instead of 'No' or 'Later'. So I planted poppies while the kids alternated between watching clouds, helping, catching worms and listening to the sea inside dry snail shells.

Just as we finished it started to rain so we came inside and Charlie asked if we could make chocolate chip cookies. I said yes and found a great recipe. ( Charlie again helped on and off. Just as they finished baking his Pop and Uncle came over for a cup of tea and to check out the flowers. They played some lego while they had tea and cookies and I tidied up the kitchen.

Next up the kids both wanted some quiet time so I got a bit of housework done while I had the chance. Mid vacuum Charlie asked if we could go to his favourite playground and make sand castles. I said Yes. It was 5pm so we went for half an hour before it got too cold and unusually for me I was happy to let the housework wait a while knowing I could come back to it.

I was actually relaxing more and more every time I heard the kids say what a great day they were having. And I was having a great day too! As it got colder I asked if they were ready to head home for dinner or a nice bath and we all agreed it was a good idea. Off we went.

While I ran a bath and the kids hopped in I started getting dinner ready. Not long after that Charlie asked If I would hop in the bath too. You guessed it, I put down the veges and said Yes. Both kids had a bath toy and were playing a little game with each toy talking to the other about the lovely things they did today. I was surrounded by love in that bathtub. When they asked to have the water coloured I hopped out, got dressed and got the colours to pop in the water. They wanted a blue bath tonight. I said Yes.

While they finished up I finished dinner. We ate together and then had cuddles on the couch till bed time. I was struck by just what a difference there was in the energy of the house when no one had tried to enforce their will over anyone else today. When instead of finding excuses to be uninvolved I just said Yes. The kids were relaxed. I was relaxed. It was the most productive day for housework I've had in a long time with gardening, vacuuming, mopping, baking and laundry all actually getting completed. As well as a trip to the playground, plenty of cuddles, a lot of sharing and thousands of giggles. And not a single argument or call for attention. It's definitely made me keen to say Yes again tomorrow!

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